Information On Workplace Wellness Programs

Workers are the most valuable assets of any company. Without the workers, the company cannot make any progress. It is therefore essential that companies take utmost care of their workers and ensure that they are satisfied with the workplace. Employers can ensure worker satisfaction by implementing workplace wellness programs for workers in the work premises.

Having a workplace wellness program is beneficial for both employers and employees. Many companies have realized the importance of having a workplace wellness program in their work force. It has proved to be a valuable investment that reaps multiple benefits. Wellness programs have helped companies to reduce their disability management costs and health compensation claims by workers.

Benefits of having corporate workplace wellness programs:

  1. Workplace wellness program helps improve the overall health of the employees and reduce the proximity of employee absenteeism. It thus helps company save money.
  2. According to Wellness Councils of America, every $1 invested on a wellness program of an employee can yield $24 in returns.
  3. As per the survey conducted by The Art of Health Promotion in 2005, it is reported that companies that have invested in workplace wellness programs have experienced 30% reduction in the medical compensation claims by workers.
  4. A company that invests $100-$150 per employee every year to make employees participate in wellness programs can save $300-$450 per employee each year. However, it would take time for the companies to enjoy the savings.
  5. Wellness programs significantly reduce companies' expenditure incurred on maintaining health well-being.
  6. It helps companies reduce its cost incurred on drugs
  7. It helps reduce the ill effects of a stressful workplace.
  8. It boosts the employee morale by creating a conducive and healthy environment.
  9. Wellness programs attract workers and encourage them to work with the company for a longer period. It thus helps companies to retain employees
  10. Workplace wellness programs create awareness among the employees about the importance of maintaining a good health. It also teaches employees ways to improve their health.
  11. It helps increase the productivity of each employee and increases employees' work efficiency.

With such amazing benefits of wellness programs, it would be a wise decision for companies to implement workplace wellness programs. The company owners and leaders should be proactive and take initiative steps to start workplace wellness program for the well being the workers. The owners should encourage the workers to take part in the programs. Good workplace wellness programs have a significant affect on the employees' emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being. This in turn is advantageous for companies.