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Who Offers The Best "Employee Wellness Programs"?

Have you ever taken part in an employee wellness program? Some people have been on the employer side; others have only been an employee. No matter where you stand, it is safe to say that you can realize the benefits of employee wellness programs.

Benefits for Employers

1. Less absenteeism leads to increased production. And increased production leads to more profits and a more enjoyable working environment. It goes without saying that healthier employees spend less time away from the office. As an employer, this is a very big deal. After all, when employees don’t show up their work doesn’t get done.

2. Healthy employees are less likely to get injured on or away from the job. There are many courses within an employee wellness program that can help in this area. They include: exercise classes, courses on eliminating smoking and alcohol from your life, and mental/stress management seminars.

3. With the cost of health insurance increasing, employers need to do what they can to control costs. A good employee wellness program can go a long way in keeping down the cost of health insurance.

Benefits for Employees

A. Improvement of their overall level of health. Although you may be taking part in an employee wellness program through your company, your health follow you no matter where you go.

B. Improved productivity. Your employer should not be the only one concerned with productivity. You also want to perform at your best so you can enjoy your position, earn more money, and move up in the company.

C. Access to courses, testing, and health clubs. While every employee wellness program is unique, it is safe to say that you will have access to many benefits that others can only dream about. In closing, there are many benefits of employee wellness programs – some for employers, others for employees.