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Employee Wellness Programs:

Companies are adopting strategies to adjust to the changing markets, growing workforce and increasing public attention. Employee wellness programs cater to these needs. Employee wellness programs have a major impact on the employees. They attain satisfaction with their job and tend to work harder and faster. This in turn benefits the company in terms of productivity. Wellness programs can have the following aspects.

Fitness clubs:

Companies can have an onsite fitness club and offer membership for the same. Employees do not have adequate time to stretch or exercise at work hours. The fitness clubs could be made accessible during break time. This will enable the workers to grab some valuable exercise and stay fit and active during the day. Employees will also fall less sick.

Corporate lunch and dinner programs:

This is a very effective way of reaching to the employees. Providing a healthy meal occasionally can make a good impression of the company with its employees. This program can be utilized to encourage healthy living as well.

Offering leave incentives:

Leave incentives can be given to employees who are sick or pregnant. Pregnant employees have very little energy to utilize on work and senior employees need time for health check-ups. A vacation can recharge and refresh their mind and body.

Setting realistic targets to employees:

Employees can work on a scheduled and organized basis if they are assigned realistic goals. They will be stress-free during the day and will be gratified with their achievements. This ensures that the corporate plans are executed in time.

Employee rewards:

Employees have a hard time spending their day away from the family. To make corporate life enjoyable, employees can be given gifts and bonuses for their achievements. Ceremonies held separately to reward employees will be appreciable. They can be honored as individuals or as a team with certificates on various degrees. This ensures that employees work harder within the team and support each other to bring a collective effort.

Advantages of wellness programs:

The advantages of wellness programs are endless. Not only do they bring good name to company but also motivate its employees and thus making corporate life more interesting. Employees will usher in a happier lifestyle. They acquire good morale, learn healthy habits and carry it on in their daily lives. The productivity of the company also increases on a long term basis. All the programs have to be analyzed and improved from time to time to achieve employee wellness.