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X-rays are considered a very vital tool in modern medicine. But what are they exactly? How are they able to see through all the layers of skin and clothing into our bones? How are they so advantageous to medical science? But, first, let's see what exactly X-rays are.

What are X-rays? And How To Include Them In Employee Wellness Programs

X-rays are, simply put, rays of electromagnetic radiation. Unlike normal rays of light that are visible, X-rays are invisible and can get absorbed by your body. X-rays were discovered as early as 1875, but it was first used and understood by a scientist named Roentgen in the year 1895. This is why Roentgen is considered to be the discoverer of X-rays and it was actually called Roentgen rays for some decades. In fact, Roentgen is the one who gave X-rays its name.

How Do X-rays Work With A Corporate Wellness Program?

X-rays are similar to the visible rays of light that you see everyday. But you can only see a radiation of a certain range. Above this range, with a higher energy level, are X-rays. Energy is absorbed by human body. If the energy in a ray of radiation is in the visible range, then it is absorbed completely, and your eyes pick this up, giving you the ability to see.

But X-rays have very high energy and they pass through the body. But the bones in the body are made of bigger atoms, and it absorbs the X-rays. Thus, only the bones are visible. This is the basic principle of how X-rays work. In medicine, X-rays machines shoot out a narrow beam of X-rays through a series of filters, onto the patient. A special camera film is placed on the other side. Whatever X-rays pass through, are imprinted on the film. The areas where X-rays don't fall, because of being absorbed by the bones, are left untouched.

Basically, it is like a shadow of your bones on the film screen. The areas of the film that have been attacked by the X-rays become dark, and the areas left out are lighter than the rest. Thus, the "shadows" of your bones appear white in color. If any other body parts have absorbed a part of the X-rays, then it will appear as a grey area on the film screen. This is, in fact, the working of a normal camera and because shadows appear white and everything looks opposite, it is called a negative image. While normal camera films are converted to a normal or positive image, doctors prefer to keep X-ray images as negatives.

How Do X-rays Work With Medicine?

X-rays are used for a myriad of reasons in medicine. In common language, X-ray images are referred to as X-rays. Some of its uses are:

  • X-rays of the chest reveal lung diseases like pneumonia, lung cancer, accumulation of fluid inside the lungs
  • X-rays of the abdomen can detect obstructions in the intestine and air in the abdominal organs.
  • It also shows ascites, or fluids in the abdominal cavity
  • It detects stones in the bladder and the urinary system

X-rays are one of the most important tools of detection in modern medicine. It has been the most important discovery since many years, and continues to be a valuable asset to doctors worldwide.

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