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"What Is The Science Of Kinesiology?"

Kinesiology is, simply put, the science of human body movement. It is a practice related to physical activities of a human being. It is a series of tests, which is aimed at locating any weak areas in certain muscles that can cause an imbalance in the body. If any weakness is found, specified massages or acupuncture therapy is used for bringing back the system to normal. Kinesiology is not just a technique to find out problems in the body, but it's also to treat the problem.

Kinesiology is a system of healing that is believed to find out and correct any imbalances in the body before it develops into diseases. It can treat a myriad of diseases ranging from muscle, joint and bone problems to all kinds of pains and aches and corrects areas of discomfort and imbalance.

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Kinesiology should always be performed only by a licensed professional trained in this field. This is because kinesiology is extremely complex and it requires in-depth knowledge to look out for the subtle symptoms of a problem that has not developed as a major problem. Kinesiology, although considered to be a technique of both diagnosis and cure, is tilted more towards the diagnostics of a problem.

During the early days, kinesiology was considered to only incorporate the study of body movement and muscles. However, in the year 1964, an American chiropractor named George. J. Goodheart started a modified form of kinesiology, called applied kinesiology. In this type of kinesiology, the East Asian principle of energy flow inside the body is merged with western medicine's technique of muscle testing.

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Goodheart understood that when one muscle contracts, the other relaxes. So if he had to treat a tightened or strained muscle, he treated the opposite or weaker muscle for restoring the balance. This was a complete new technique, different from anything then. Goodheart suggested a connection between all the muscles, organs and glands. By testing a specific muscle, he could find out the problem in a gland or organ to which it was connected to.

Thus, applied kinesiology works on the basic principle that the human body is a vast network. Each part is connected to some other part and both influence each other. Any action you do, will affect the entire body because problems in one part shows up in other parts. For example, a problem in your digestive system can be diagnosed by testing the muscles in the legs related to it. Today kinesiology is a modernized medical technique, using cutting-edge equipment for diagnosis. But the principle of kinesiology is age-old, and remains unchanged.

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