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"What Is Insulin?"

Insulin is a natural hormone secreted by pancreas in order to control the sugar glucose levels in your blood. Insulin allows cell to use glucose for production of energy. Cells will be unable to use glucose in absence of insulin. The disease, which is closely related to insulin, is Diabetes.

Wellness Programs Prevent Insulin Dependence For Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease, which develops because of the pancreas inability to secrete insulin. Pancreas has special beta cells in the islets of Langerhans, which secrete insulin. If these beta cells degenerate due to any reason, pancreas can't produce insulin and the result is type I diabetes. A person suffering from type I diabetes is required to inject exogenous insulin. (Insulin from external sources)

In diabetes type II, the pancreas produce insulin but the body cells don't respond to it normally. Insulin plays an important role of reduction of glucose concentration in your blood. By doing so, it prevents complications of diabetes and prevents damage to eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels.

What Is The Importance Of Insulin?

Insulin is very important hormone for normal functioning of body. Without it, the cells in the body will starve which will eventually lead to death of person. If put in simple way, it can be said that even though you eat lots of food, the body cell cannot derive the energy from the food in absence of insulin.

Why Commercial Insulin?

The insulin that is injected in person who is suffering from type I diabetes is of two types. The insulin is currently derived from two different sources, bovine (beef) and porcine (pork) Insulin from both sources work well for human beings. The commercial insulin is injected in human body through an injection under the skin route. The injected insulin starts showing effect within 30 minutes and the effect of the injected insulin lasts approximately for 6 to 8 hours. The regular insulin is injected in human body 30-60 minutes prior to meals.

Ultrarapid acting insulin is also available in form of insulin lispro injection (Humalog(r)). This insulin is prepared by chemically modifying the natural insulin. FDA approves the insulin lispro injection. The insulin lispro injection is injected within 15 after meal. As the name suggests, the effect of the insulin is felt instantly.

NHP insulin is also a type of Insulin. The duration of action of NHP insulin is intermediate. The insulin stars showing its effect 2 hrs after it is injected in body but the effect lasts for around 18 to 26 hours. The maximum effect of NHP insulin can be seen between 4 to 12 hours after being injected in body.

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