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"What Is Chiropractic?"

Chiropractic is a medical discipline, which is based on the principle that a person's good health is partially dependant on his or her spine and the nervous system. This means that chiropractic is the art of healing ailments by working on the nervous system, and specially the spine of the body.

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What makes chiropractic stand out from all the other medical and health care practices is the diagnosis of the spine. The spine here refers to the vertebral column or the back-bone, which in itself is set of bones that start from the skull and finish at the centre of the hip. There are thirty one pairs of nerves extending downwards of the spine, from the brain. These nerve pairs exit the spinal column through openings. They later branch out into a complex network of nerves that influence each and every tissue of the body.

Chiropractic does not approach healing diseases through medicines or synthetic chemicals, but by addressing to problems of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic deals with a lot of different conditions and ailments, which are as different and spread out as the nervous system. But chiropractic uses the standard examination of the patients for diagnosing their condition and determining how to treat the patient. This examination includes consulting, learning the history of the ailment, physically examining the patient, and performing standard laboratory and x-ray examinations on the patient. The treatment procedure is similar to what normal doctor would follow. The only difference is the increased attention to the condition of the spine during diagnosis.

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Damage, displacement or misalignment to spine can occur due to different reasons. Some of these causes are falls, tension, stress, accidents and overexertion. The disarrangement of the spinal column results in an irritation of the nerve roots that extend from it. This irritation is what causes diseases in the body. Chiropractic deals with stopping or reducing this irritation of the nerve pairs, helping your body to operate comfortably and efficiently.

Apart from the spine, chiropractic also emphasizes on diet and exercise regimes and changes in lifestyle to improve your physical and mental well-being. While chiropractic doesn't resort to synthetic drugs or surgery, doctors who practice it do advise the patient to seek conventional medical care if necessary. In fact, in spite of the being completely different from conventional medicine, doctors of both these fields as well as other health professionals now work together. Their combined efforts have ushered in a new and improved era in health in every field and everywhere.

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