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"Define Cardiovascular System"

The cardiovascular system comprises of the heart and blood vessels (veins, capillaries and arteries) and blood. It is responsible for providing constant supply of oxygen to the tissues. The cardiovascular system also removes the waste products such as carbon dioxide from the body by transporting it to the lungs.

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The heart is a muscular pump situated in the centre of the chest. It is divided into left and right sides and further into upper chamber known as atrium and lower and larger chamber known as ventricle. The right side of the heart receives deoxygenated blood from the veins which is then pumped back to the lungs for absorption of oxygen. The left side of the heart then receives this oxygenated blood and it then pumps it out to the rest of the body through the arteries. On an average, the heart pumps out 5,000 gallons of blood throughout the body.

The arteries are thick walled tubes and have a yellow covering of elastic fibers. The arteries are further divided into smaller arterioles and ultimately in to lowest blood vessels known as the capillaries. Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to all parts of the body.

The veins carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart from the tissues. Unlike arteries, veins have thin and slack walls and are more muscular.

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As we all know that one fifth of our atmosphere contains oxygen. We breathe this oxygen through our nose and it then travels to the lungs. This oxygen is then absorbed in the bloodstream. The heart then pumps the oxygenated blood from a network of blood vessels known as arteries which carry this blood to various organs, tissues and muscles all around the body.

The arteries then release oxygen from the blood they carry which the muscles, tissues and organs use to produce energy and give out waste products such as water and carbon dioxide which then travels back to the heart through veins. The heart then pumps back this impure blood back to the lungs wherein fresh oxygen is absorbed and the entire cycle repeats once again.

Just like any other system the cardiovascular system is one of the most important systems of the body. The cardiovascular system functions at its best if you maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly and give up bad habits such as smoking or excessive drinking of alcohol.

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