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"Please Define Alternative Medicine"

Any medicine that doesn't fall under the domain of conventional medicine is called alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has been present in this world even before the conventional medicine. The use and practice of Alternative medicine is getting popular amongst people, as they believe it has the power to cure ailments and disease in a more natural way. Often people also get attracted towards alternative medicine when regular medicine fails to show its remedial effect.

One of the biggest advantages offered by alternative medicine therapies is, it focuses on treatment and healing of complete human body and works to treat the underlying causes of ailment and diseases and conditions.

Combine Alternative Medicine With Your Employee Wellness Program?

There are different kinds of alternative medicine systems in practice. Some of them are:

  • Ayurveda
  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Natural American Healing practices
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Tibetan medicine

Advantages of Alternative Medicine With Wellness Programs:

1. There is no risk of side effects with alternative medicine therapies. It involves natural therapies that work with your body. Alternative medicine does not work to suppress symptoms as in case of modern conventional medicine.

2. Medicines used in Alternative medicine therapies are cost effective. Families with low income can afford these treatments.

3. Alternative medicine therapies use natural substances, which are processed in a simple manner. It does not involve high tech manufacturing process that use polluting and hazardous chemicals.

4. Ingredients and substances used in alternative medicine therapies are readily available. You can also grow some of the medicines used in such therapies at your home.

5. Alternative medicines not only heal ailments but also allow the growth process. For example, you will find children growing faster after they recover from disease using alternative medicine therapies. You will not find this growth spurt if your child is treated with conventional medicines which holds the growth.

6. Alternative medicine identifies the true nature of sickness and diseases. The treatments also help development of immune system and thus reduce the probability of reoccurrence. The alternative medicine not only cures but also improves your health.

7. Majority of the alternative medicine therapies are safe as well as effective. They offer a diverse type of health therapies, which is not possible with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine therapies are different from conventional medicine. These therapies have diverse foundations. Some of the alternative medicine therapies are based upon traditional medicine, spiritual beliefs or new approach to healing.

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