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"Do I Need Aerobic Exercise?"

No matter if you are woman, man or child- aerobic exercise is good for everyone. Exercising helps, you achieve the ideal body weight, promote general well-being, and keep your body fit. Aerobic exercises are a popular workout trend among youth as well as aged. In this fast-paced modern world, aerobic exercise is the best way to keep fit and healthy.

A moderate intensity aerobic workout spreads over a specific period and makes your lungs and heart work harder than other parts of body. In aerobic exercise, a person uses a particular muscle groups for prolonged period. You can indulge in numerous forms of aerobics. Some of the popular kinds of aerobic exercises are fitness walking, running, dance, rowing machine, cycling, in-line skating, rope jumping, swimming and stair-climbing. Let us look at the health advantages provided by each aerobic exercise in particular.

What Is The Best Aerobic Exercise Wellness Program?

Types of Aerobics and its advantages:

  • Aerobic Dance
  • If you are fond of dancing, why not use this to your advantage. Aerobic dance helps you maintain all-round fitness and also proves to be a pleasing and entertaining experience altogether. You can choose hip-hop form of dance as it presents good cardio benefits and also provides great enjoyment.

  • Cycling
  • If you consider cycling to be a child's activity then discard such thoughts from your mind. Cycling is one of the best kinds of aerobic exercises. It provides good cardiovascular benefits without causing mechanical stress or pain to your back, ankles, knees and hips. If you don't know to ride a bicycle, you can try the stationary exercising bicycles available in the market.

  • Rowing Machine
  • If your aim is to provide workout to all muscle groups such as back, abdominals, legs and arms, rowing can be your best option. Rowing involves workout of entire body and helps your body burn more calories than any other kind of aerobic exercises.

  • Fitness Walking
  • If you are not interested in heavy aerobic exercises, then fitness walking is your best bet to maintain optimum health. A 30-60 minute walk proves to be extremely beneficial for your health. Fitness walking is advocated for overweight and aged people. Fitness walking is also ideal form of aerobic exercise for pregnant women as it helps the mother and baby to stay fit.

  • Running
  • Running is the simplest form of aerobic exercise and a good way to burn calories. The best part of this kind of aerobic exercise is you also get the opportunity to feel fresh air and bliss of nature. However, running can be a bit taxing at early stages for a beginner.

A Variety Of Aerobic Exercise Options Are Available Through Wellness Programs

Try any of the above aerobic exercise type and reap its healthy benefits.

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