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"What Is an Addiction?"

When people talk about addiction, it is usually involved with psychoactive substances such as tobacco, alcohol and narcotic drugs. Psychoactive substances, in simple terms, cross over from our blood stream into the brain, temporarily causing an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. In recent times, however, addiction has come to encompass a lot more things. Some of them include gambling, pornography, sex, computers, internet, video games, exercise, work, and idolizing, spiritual obsession, watching television and shopping.

Drug addiction itself has had many definitions. A widely regarded explanation is that drug addiction is a chronic disease relating to brain that affects brain motivation, memory and its circuitry. Drug abuse causes a dysfunction of the brain circuits that result in hallucinations of biological, social, psychological and spiritual manifestation. Being addict to drugs a person feels relieved by using these drugs.

How Can A Wellness Program Help with Addiction?

Following are examples concerning symptions for addiction:

  • A person is not able to control his or her behavior
  • The person is unable to resist the temptation of the thing they are addicted to
  • " The person cannot recognize changes in his or her behavioral patterns or problems in relationships with others

In other words, drug addiction is an abnormal condition, resulting from repeated use of certain drugs. There are three stages of addiction:

  • Preoccupation, anticipation or craving of using the drugs
  • Binging, or consuming too much of drugs for intoxication
  • Withdrawal from the affects of the drugs and reduced interest towards other activities in life

Some people consider drug addiction to be same as substance abuse. In fact, there is a thin line that separates both these conditions. Substance abuse is the use of illegal substances like cocaine or marijuana. Addiction, however, is the next step after the abuse of these illegal substances. You could abuse drugs, alcohol, or illegal substances without being addicted to it. In short, you could have been smoking weed for a few times, but it doesn't mean you are addicted to it. But you are abusing it, and it can lead to addiction later on.

The addictiveness of drugs or other activities depend on the mental make-up of the person. But there are some substances that can trigger addiction in just a few tries. Crack and heroin are some of these kinds of drugs.

Addiction is not something that can't be overcome. You can easily come out of any addiction, provided you have a strong will power and the motivation to come out of it.

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