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A wellness program that works will help your employees that constitute the backbone of any employer based organization. Without employee no organization can function effectively and make profits. It is one of the prime responsibilities of the employer to take utmost care of the employees. Employee wellness programs are the best way to take care of the employees. These programs are fast gaining popularity. Most corporate companies are introducing wellness programs in the organization for employee's welfare.

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Corporate organizations view wellness programs as a productive investment for long-term benefits. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • Lowers Health care costs:
  • Lowers Absenteeism:
  • Improves employee's work productivity:
  • Improves loyalty towards employer:
  • Creates a cordial and friendly work environment:
  • Reduces stress:

Recent studies suggest that about 50% of corporate expenses are directed towards cost of health care for employees. Studies also suggest that 70% of all employees problems/illness occur due to their unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet, improper sleep and inadequate exercise. Investing in wellness programs for employees can greatly help employers to reduce their expenses in medical claims. It helps employers reduce medical expenses by $100-$400 per employee.

According to research conducted by American Sports Data, the absenteeism rate of employees at companies where wellness programs were introduced were about 20-45% less in comparison to companies where such programs were not introduced.

One of the most significant advantages of wellness programs is that these programs greatly contribute to improved health of the employees. Physically fit employees tend to commit minimal errors. Also, physical fitness also increases work efficiency and improved decision making, which ultimately leads to enhanced productivity.

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A Wellness program is beneficial for both employees and the employer. Companies that offer wellness programs get more dedicated and engaged workforce. It also has a positive effect on the recruitment of efficient employees. Employees on the other hand get encouraged from wellness program and tend to be more loyal towards the company.

Worksite wellness programs can help support these healthy behaviors. This guide indicates only a small portion of the existing evidence that shows worksite wellness works. Take advantage of these benefits in your organization. Start a worksite wellness program now! Use this guide to assist you and direct you to resources that you can use to create a successful program.

Wellness programs are conducted on a regular basis in the organization. During the days of wellness check-up, employees get an opportunity to meet employees of other department and make new friends. This increases the coordination between employees of different departments.

Work stress is one of the most common problems of employees and it is a serious issue and often de-motivate employee. Wellness programs address the issue and provide employees counselling to get rid of stress and prevent employees from feeling anxious and depressed. Thus, due to wide range of benefits offered, employee wellness programs are beneficial for both employees and the employer. Request more information or get a FREE wellness quote today!