Wellness Center:

A wellness center is an institute, which facilitates healthy living. They are run either by therapists, doctors or health consultants. Wellness centers practise different forms of medicine to cater to the needs of customers. They may follow ancient de-stressing methods such as ayurveda, acupuncture or modern productive experimentations. Wellness centers of different kind offer services to different group of people.

Wellness hotels:

Wellness hotels or wellness spas are wellness centers, which provide luxury and therapy at the same time. Wellness hotels have collaborated with medical institutions to provide recreation and wellness courses to its customers. They employ dieticians, fitness consultants and wellness coaches to offer nutritious diets and counselling on health and wellness. Wellness hotels work to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Wellness clinics:

Wellness clinics offer alternative medicine to common problems. They provide solutions to problems like sleeping disorder, chronic pain, allergies and weight loss. They also have provision for betterment such as aromatherapies, bee venom therapies, ayurveda, biofeedback and Chinese medicine. Wellness clinics guarantee no side effects as their methods of treatment are natural which have been tried and tested for years.

Wellness centers at schools and colleges:

University campuses and schools can also have wellness centers to provide counselling on various body and mind related issues. Students face a lot of stress and may take extreme steps if their problems are not dealt with. Such wellness centers are operated by faculty within the campus to help students get rid of the pressures faced by them. The goal of these wellness centers is to promote physical and social well-being among students.

Wellness centers for employees:

Employees have a hard time spending their day away from the family. There are wellness centers that specially cater to the needs of employees with flexible timings. These wellness centers have fitness, health and stress counsellors. They provide preventive medicine to abstain from body and mind related problems. Wellness centers also provide services to employers for wellness guidelines on how to improve wellness among their employees. This enables them to be more productive for the company. Some of these wellness centers are found in workplaces.

How to find the best wellness center:

The wellness industry is growing rapidly as the number of people who long for counselling and information on wellness is increasing. However, certain wellness centers pull money from its customers and do not offer value-for-money services. It is better to ask friends and family members before venturing for a course in any wellness center.