Understanding Wellness Health Fair:

Wellness health fairs can be an ideal way to encourage your employees and promote the visibility of your organization. Given the increasing rates of obesity, heart disease and cancer, the popularity of health fairs has increased substantially.

If you seriously wish to hold a wellness health fair, you need to plan for it at least three months in advance. You first need to decide a place where you wish to hold the health fair. You can consider forming a committee to help delegate the responsibilities of planning, communicating, budgeting and implemention. For this, you can hire volunteers from not only local health care agencies but also professional organizations, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, emergency services and the Red Cross.

Health Fairs are essentially events with activities, booths and presentations designed to educate the attendees the ways of achieving healthier lifestyle. Health fairs do have an entertainment factor but do not compromise on the impartment of information. The term ‘infotainment’ will be very suitable to describe these kinds of events. Health fairs inform the attendees about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. They also provide tips on how to achieve physical, psychological, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental and emotional wellness.

Possible objectives for the wellness health fare:

  • Giving an idea about wellness program
  • Introducing new elements in the on-going wellness program
  • Allowing employees to try out new health options
  • Conducting a poll asking employees what health options they prefer
  • Introducing the employees to vendors of organic food stores
  • Introducing employees to different wellness and health resources in the area
  • Encouraging employees to buy a suitable health insurance policy
  • Immunizing the employees
  • Motivating the employees to make lifestyle changes to improve their health and give 100% to their organization
  • Educating the employees about both, new and updated healthcare practices (CPR, self care, etc)
  • Inviting third-part administrators to perform health screening tests to check cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar level.

Promote the health fair:

Although wellness health fairs can be held indoors, they are generally held outdoors for one-two days. To ensure maximum turnout for the wellness health fare, you need to advertise it. Post ads in the local newspapers. You can also consider posting flyers in libraries and at senior centers. You can also promote it through radio and TV advertisements.

Health and wellness fairs can really improve the performance levels of your employees and boost your business prospects.