Best Social Health And Wellness Programs

Humans are social beings. We spend time with our friends and family to lead a happy and healthy life. Interaction with other people helps us pursue different thoughts and beliefs. This empowers us to handle the different challenges which life has to offer. Social wellness is an important component among the six dimensions of wellness. It is essential to live a complete and fulfilling life. The following are some of the important factors, which play a compelling role to ensure social wellness.

  • Relationships:

  • Relationships play an important part in our lives. They provide us support when moving through hardships. They also enable us to give vent to our feelings. They help us share our joy and sorrow, grief and pleasure. Social health wellness breeds intimate relationships and brings happiness among the family and loved ones. Workplace, camps and clubs are also places where relationships can be developed.

  • Economic state of affairs:

  • Our financial situation at home also contributes to social health wellness. Adequate money to meet our basic needs and expenses can remove financial burden and pressure. Well-to-do families can rely on insurance and its benefits it times of struggle.e.

  • Stress and anxiety:

  • Stress causes depressive illness, anxiety and chronic disorders. Tolerance to stress can lead to social wellness. Stress management adds confidence to our abilities and assists in achieving our goals. There are some very good relaxation techniques in yoga, which aid in stress and anger management. A clear state of mind, sound knowledge and wisdom helps in handling stress.

Social wellness among elderly people:

Stress and mental pressures can have an impact on elderly people. Psychological stress is one of the reasons for cognitive impairment with ageing. It can also lead to depressive illness and chronic disorder. Hence, elderly people have to be given adequate care and affection from the family. Constant interaction and healthy lifestyle can foster social health wellness at an elderly age. Cognitive therapy and positive thinking can also help in reducing stress at old age.

Tips for social wellness:

  1. Respect other people and their values.
  2. Enjoy taking part and volunteering in social events.
  3. Spend time with friends and family.
  4. Keep yourself updated with news current affairs.
  5. Don’t be afraid to venture new places and meet new people.
  6. Manage time and indulge in problem solving.

Benefits of social wellness:

ocial health wellness adds to our longevity. It brings certainty in our lives. It is the key to healthy and peaceful living.