Six Dimensions of Wellness:

Wellness is a condition of maximum well-being directed towards maximizing and achieving one's inner potential. It is a lifetime journey of reaching towards enhancing social, physical, intellectual, environmental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is an expanded concept of health and is more than just a mere absence of diseases. It is in fact the prevalence of dignity and well-being in the lives of communities in general and individuals in particular. The meaningful decisions we make in the journey of our life determines the true wellness. Wellness is the overall holistic consolidation of all the six interactive dimensions, which influence each other all throughout our lives.

The following are the six dimensions of wellness

Physical: Good nutrition, avoiding harmful habits and regular exercise are the secrets of maintaining a healthy body. Apart from these, making well-informed and appropriate decisions regarding health and considering medical assistance whenever required is also of vital importance.

Social: This is the act of relating in a good manner with others both outside as well as within the family. It acts as a major source of strengthening a community as it supports a healthy thriving environment and promotes efficient communication among all.

Emotional: It is the act of understanding feelings of your own apart from limitations and staying comfortable within your emotions as well as achieving emotional stability. It is also about recognizing the emotions that affect the body and expressing feelings, needs and opinions in an appropriate way and manner.

Intellectual: This dimension of wellness is a state in which the individual's mind engages in live interaction with the surrounding people. It includes creativity, continued learning and problem solving abilities of an individual. It also includes deciding on things that assist relaxation and encourage body-mind connection.

Spiritual: It is the sense that says life has a purpose and is meaningful in its own sense. The ethics, morals and values in the life guide us throughout, add meaning, and provide a direction to our life. It means nourishing ourselves through morals, beliefs about religion and developing a philosophy to follow in the entire lifetime.

Environmental: This dimension of wellness says that the health of the planet determines personal health. Learning about protecting against environmental hazards is the prerequisite of this dimension of wellness. It also includes respecting and appreciating the environment and playing an active part in improving and preserving the conditions of the environment.