Health And Wellness Fairs Info For Wellness Programs

Health and wellness fairs are very important for helping your employees lead a happy, fulfilling and satisfying life. For any organization, it’s very important to ensure the complete wellness of its employees. This is because an employee who’s ill or under immense stress will find it difficult to contribute positively. Health fairs can prove to be the most effective and convenient way for an organization to encourage its employees and enhance its productivity. Thanks to the increase in cases of heart disease, obesity and cancer, the popularity of wellness health fairs in increasing rapidly.

For an organization to hold a wellness fair successfully, it’s essential for it to plan for it at least 2-3 months in advance. The employers need to first decide a suitable place wherein they wish to hold the health fair. They can consider forming a committee to delegate the important responsibilities of planning, budgeting, communicating and implementing. Employers can seek the help of volunteers from local health care agencies as well as professional organizations, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices and emergency services.

Why Have Health Fairs Before You Implement Your Wellness Program?

Health fairs are events consisting of booths, activities and presentations that are specially designed to educate the attendees (employees) about different ways of attaining a healthier and better lifestyle. The term “infotainment” can best describe a health fair. These fairs have an entertainment factor without compromising on the information part.

Health fairs educate the attendees about the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they inform them how to attain physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional, occupational, social and environmental wellness.

Some possible objectives for the conducting wellness health fair are as follows:

  • Educating the employees about wellness program
  • Introducing new elements in the on-going (present) wellness program
  • Introducing the employees of an organization to different health and wellness resources in the area
  • Introducing the employees to the vendors of organic food stores
  • Immunizing the employees
  • Encouraging the employees to purchase an appropriate health insurance policy for themselves
  • Conducting a poll to enquire the employees what health options they’d prefer
  • Informing and educating the employees about new as well as updated healthcare practices, including self care, CPR, and so on.)
  • Encouraging and motivating the employees to make the desired lifestyle changes to not only improve their overall health but also put in best efforts for their organization.
  • Inviting third-part administrators for the purpose of performing health screening tests to check their blood pressure, and sugar and cholesterol level.

Health wellnes fairs can be held both indoors and outdoors. To ensure a good turnout for the wellness health fair, the organization needs to advertise it and informing the employees of its many benefits.