Why Health Risk Assessments Are Very Important!

The first step to your new corporate wellness program should be figuring out which health risk assessment (HRA) engine best suits the needs of your employee population. Health risk assessments come in various formats. They are typically made up of a questionnaire that asks employees various questions regarding their overall health status and lifestyle decisions. A HIPAA compliant report is offered to each employee that completes the HRA and provides them with a health grade based on the questions in the survey. Based on HRA results employers and employees can figure out what type of interactive wellness program is right for them.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) also known as health and well-being assessment and health risk appraisal is one of the most common elements used for health promotion. It is also one of the initial steps in a multi-faceted health promotion programs.

What exactly is health Risk Assessment?

The HRA is nothing but confidential questions which deals with basic information about your health history including your daily habits, your history of any diseases or any surgeries/treatment you underwent. In exchange, you get an easily comprehending health report which gives you a brief idea about the clinical overview regarding your health and provides you information regarding the risks involved in your life regarding health. Not just this through an HRA you also get all the possible information on how to deal with the health issues concerning your life.

No matter whether you want to lose weight, just want to stay fit, or keep your existing condition under control, you will get all kinds of information under the health risk assessment. You can then print the entire report and share it with your general practitioner and provide him with up-to-date information regarding your health. The report will greatly help your GP to prescribe appropriate medicine or therapy.

What to expect from a Health Risk Assessment?

The health risk assessment varies depending on the type of the plan you choose. There are many risk assessment plans such as the AmeriHealth medical plan and Blue Cross medical plan. Majority of these plans make use of information such as your family history and your health habits to give you a clear snapshot about your health and provide you with all the necessary resources that will assist you to manage any kind of health risks and existing conditions.

What are the Benefits of Health Risk Assessment For Wellness Programs?

A Health Risk Assessment is beneficial for both the employers as well as the employees. Employers by increasing employee wellness can save loads of money. In turn, the employee wellness programs increase the retention levels of employees and hence increases the productivity of companies.

Corporate Wellness Drawbacks When using an HRA

The main drawback of Health Risk Assessment is the way in which it is used. It highlights only the risks involved in the health and is not responsible for diagnosis of diseases and hence it should be discussed with a health or a general practitioner for treatment. There are many companies in the market that provide Health risk assessments in different formats and versions. Get a quote on your next HRA here!