Health and Wellness Planning For Corporate Wellness Programs

If you desire to live longer then your health is the most important thing that should matter to you. Health and Wellness can help you achieve your objective of a long and healthy life. Wellness can be defined as state of well-being. It can be also defined as wholeness and complete balance in every aspect of your life. A person’s health is just a part that completes the state of wellness of an individual.

  1. Health and Wellness Through Eating:

  2. Physical health is one of the important aspects among the six dimensions of overall health and wellness. You need to eat right kind of foods to bring balance in your diet. You can start gradually by incorporating right kinds of food in your diet. You can swap foods by including healthier options. For example, if your eating canned vegetables and meat. You can replace them with fresh meat and natural and organic vegetables.

    Health and Wellness also gives importance to the way the food is cooked. Baking is a healthier option than frying. You can use different herbs for seasoning. Herbs are packed essential nutrients required by body and they also add new flavor to food.

    Easy to follow principals in diet:

    • Take small frequents meals spread throughout the day instead of three heavy meals
    • A balanced diet has all essential nutrients required by body
    • Drink adequate amount of water (5-8 glasses every day to keep your body hydrated.
    • Take Vitamins A, D , E, and K regularly. Vitamins are essential for health and fitness.
  3. Health and Wellness through Exercise:

  4. Physical wellness is an important factor, when it comes to achieving overall health and wellness. Regular exercise regime can improve the blood circulation in your body. It can also facilitate normal functioning of your body organs.

    If you are overweight or obese, you would be prone to health complications, such as diabetes, hypertension or stroke. However, by exercising regularly and performing cardio workouts, you can not only lose weight but also reduce your chances of facing any health complications later. You can start by performing light exercises, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, stretching and doing push ups. The right principle of exercise is enhancement of metabolism, strength and complete fitness. Exercise improves your body’s capacity to burn fat.

    When you eat right kind of food and exercise well, your body adapts to your diet and exercise and increases your metabolism to burn fat and provide you energy.