What Is The Difference Between Health and Wellness?

Health is merely the state of physical and social well-being. Very few people can maintain complete a healthy body from all aspects. Health complements wellness in two dimensions, the physical and the social.

There are six dimensions to wellness.

  1. Physical
  2. Social
  3. Mental
  4. Intellectual
  5. Spiritual
  6. Environmental

A healthy living includes practicing proper hygiene, abstaining from infirmity and sustaining synergetic social activity. Good Health is possible with a change in your way of living. You need a constant nutritious rich diet, adequate water for your body and a suitable source of income to keep away from the stresses of life. A constant supervision from health professionals can help you maintain proper health. Health is the ingredient that adds to the quality of life.

Mental stability is also an element of good health. Stress and anger management in everyday life is the key to healthy living. People with the ability to enjoy life are considered mentally healthier. If you are not living healthy, you have every chance of leaving loopholes in your wellness in the physical and social dimensions.

Wellness Program That Offers Interaction

Wellness is rather a broader term and depends on the optimistic approach taken towards life. Therefore, you can have an adequate level of wellness without a sound health condition. This is because you may possess a very high degree of wellness in the mental, intellectual, spiritual and environmental dimensions. Wellness comes from the attitude of the mind. It is just the difference between being healthy and feeling healthy and that improvement is always possible.

Numerous personal and social factors contribute to your wellness. Your level of wellness can be improved by having constant interaction with the society. It gives you the impression of having a comfortable and satisfied life. Ethics and moral beliefs can help you improve your wellness. Workplace can also be a source for drawing inspiration on wellness. Institutions have started stressing on the importance of wellness, as people with content lifestyles are more conducive and co-operative. Wellness indicates harmony within the mind and the soul.


A sound health is essential to live longer but the feeling of wellness makes life more enjoyable and fruitful. Understanding the purpose of life, the beauty of love and the prowess of creativity can help you experience wellness. Wellness in life gives you the ability to handle life's problems such as anxiety and depression. Health and Wellness can sum up to cater a peaceful and gratifying life.