Corporate Wellness Programs:

Many companies thrive hard to achieve the top position in their niche. What they don’t know is apart from thriving for competitive advantages welfare of the management is also equally important. This has given rise to the initiation of various corporate wellness programs.

The concept of corporate wellness programs originated from the numerous various experiences. Companies are now focusing not only on reducing the healthcare costs but are also thriving towards making the working environment more welcoming and relaxing for their employees.

What are corporate wellness programs?

Corporate wellness programs are programs implemented to foster wellness in the employees not limited to the work environment. Such programs are a common sight in large as well as small corporations, corporate offices and even factories. These programs are not merely substitutes for monthly health check-ups but are carved in such a manner to make the medication and medical treatment less needed for employees.

Benefits of Corporate wellness programs

The average return on investment granted by the corporate wellness programs is three to one. This means that you save an average of $3 on every $1 spent on the corporate wellness programs.

The other benefit of corporate wellness programs is they increase the longevity levels of their employees. Investing in these programs is just like investing in health of employees and co-workers.

They also assist in enhancing the overall health conditions of the employees thereby reducing absenteeism at the workplace.

For self-insured companies, these programs are an absolute necessity. This is because, these programs help these companies to save as much as million dollars, which ultimately adds up to the health care accounts.

Employees as well as potential new hires view corporate wellness programs as a benefit. The existence of corporate wellness programs sometimes act as a deciding factor for employees in joining a particular company.

These programs have the ability to identify the associated with various areas such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health related issues.

These programs are filled with fun and are motivating. Even though there is a kind of shock factor attributed to these programs in the initial stages, majority of employees look forward to health challenges, promotional materials, biometric testing and all the other included features present in the corporate wellness program.

The other benefit of corporate wellness programs is it reduces the number of sick leaves of the employees in the end.

Despite so many benefits, corporate wellness programs have not been able to leave a mark in the corporate industry mainly because of the lack of participation of employees in the programs.