Get A Corporate Wellness Program For Your Company

There are huge array of corporate wellness programs in the marketplace today. In short, corporate wellness programs put individuals in the position to better take care of themselves. They can help prevent disease or sickness. Employees can look at their lifestyle in a different manner, which helps them make healthier decisions. Corporations today have different levels of flexibility with their corporate wellness programs. Online wellness information portals, newsletters, and technology help bring the focus on health and wellness to the end user.

Some corporations like Nike Inc. have instituted very comprehensive corporate wellness programs. Many other small corporations have obtained savings on their group benefit health plans, while increasing productivity within their organization. Getting onboard with a corporate wellness program is the start to having a better organization. Be sure your wellness advisor has a plan, and implements that plan to fit your needs and budget. The investment you make in your company will only give upward potential to the future to your success. Be sure to look into what is available in the marketplace and that you work with a wellness company that has been around block. You might want to first start with a Health Risk Assessment to see how these programs are put to work.

More Information On Customized Wellness Programs

Implementing corporate wellness program is beneficial for both the employees and the employer (corporate owners). Some of the distinguished benefits of Corporate Wellness Program are:

  • Corporate wellness program on an average yields 3:1 return on investment. This implies that for every $1 expenditure incurred on corporate wellness program, corporations save about $3.
  • Corporate wellness program ensures improved efficiency of all the employees. This in turn would mean increased production of better quality.
  • Health-care, stress management programs are key elements of a corporate wellness program. An investment in the health care of the employees improves their longevity.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs can greatly motivate workers and the wellness program activities can be fun. Most employee look forward to biometric testing, stop smoking programs, lose weight routine and other elements of the wellness program.
  • Another significant benefit of this wellness program is that it improves the health status of the employees. This in turn leads to lower rate of absenteeism and reduced sick leave.
  • Corporate wellness program involves thorough health check-up of all the employees, which can help the employees to identify their health problems such as diabetes, cancers, muscular skeletal problems, cardio vascular diseases and other health problems. Using the initial reports, special treatment programs can be carried out with the corporation to help employee's get rid of the problem and improve their health.
  • Corporate wellness program helps owners to save considerable amount spent on health-care of the employees.

How Can You Start a New Corporate Wellness Program?

As an employer you make a formal announcement in the organization that you are introducing a corporate wellness program for the benefit of your employees. You must explain the employees how the program will be beneficial for them. You must also provide details of the activities of the program and provide them with instructions on how to participate in the program.

You can communicate about the program to your employees by circulating newsletter in the office or by calling a meeting of all the employees and announcing it to them. You can also send an e-mail message to the employees or by distributing out pamphlets or flyers.

Once you introduce the program, provide incentives to encourage employees to participate in the corporate wellness program. You can provide incentives like discount on health insurance; provide them free exercise equipments, membership passes to fitness clubs, distribute t-shirts with health related slogans, provide MP3 players to listen to music while working out or providing such other free merchandise.

The guiding principle for all corporate wellness programs is simple; it is an attempt to make employees live better and productive.