Company Health And Wellness Programs

Company health and wellness programs can be made up of various programs that include help with psychological, spiritual and physical wellbeing of an individual. Absence of wellness can have adverse effects on a person’s performance at his workplace and this in turn can have a damaging effect on the business prospects of his company. Today, in a hectic and time-cramped lifestyle, most people find it very difficult to take some time out of their daily routine and join a wellness program. Due to this, their personal as well as occupational wellness continues to suffer. To find a solution to this problem, many employers worldwide have now started implementing company wellness programs for their employees.

What Are The Benefits Of A Company Health And Wellness Program?

Reasons why you need a wellness program for you company taken from the organization’s point of view, are as follows:

1. They Improve productivity: If the employees aren’t completely fit, they can’t perform to the best of their abilities and thus, can’t give their 100%. Tension or stress is another primary reason behind the underperformance of the employees. Workplace wellness programs effectively address the problems of the employees and works towards ensuring their overall wellness. After attending the company wellness programs, employees can achieve psychological, physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and occupational wellness. This in turn improves their ability and helps them perform better. This eventually increases the productivity of the organization.

2. They improve ‘presenteesim:’ Presenteeism refers to the instances when the employees of an organization do come to work but fail to put in their best effort due to reasons, such as depression, stress, injury or illness.

3. They reduce absenteeism: If the employees are not physically, psychologically or spiritually fit, chances are, their absenteeism will increase. The main reason behind absenteeism of the employees can be their ill health or too much stress. Company wellness programs emphasizes on improving their physical and psychological wellness and thus making them fitter and happier. This reduces their absenteeism considerably and thus, saves thousands of dollars on factors such as temporary employment and downtime.

Some more advantages of company wellness programs are as follows:

  • They boost the morale of the employees by creating a happy, supportive and cordial environment
  • They improve job satisfaction among employees
  • They negate or minimize healthcare costs
  • They reduce the effect of a stressful, demanding workplace.

Company wellness programs essentially focus on bettering the behavior of the employees and increasing their performance levels. Many small and large organizations across the world have benefitted tremendously by implementing company wellness programs.