Wellness Programs

There are a variety of employee wellness programs available to corporations doing business in America today. Wikipedia has defined an employee wellness program as having a function for increasing employee morale, loyalty, and productivity within a corporate culture. A large number of coporations are starting to see the huge value in a new wellness program that improves the health and wellness of their entire employee population. Wellness programs include items such as, online behavioral modification wellness programs, onsite fitness center options, employee wellness newsletters, options for health coaching, tobacco cessation wellness programs, weight management, stress management, and other nutrtion programs. We are are now finding that an employee wellness program is essential in your local community. We recently saw a local community center in California offered free health risk assesments to the county, which included health screenings and body mass index screening to anyone who wanted it. Although they offered these wellness programs on a voluntary basis, nearly eight percent of the community center participated in this wellness program initiative. Webmasters dictionary defines a corporate wellness program as offering types of benefits, activities, or employee training to improve overall health and wellness. They continue to say that a corporate wellness program can include benefits like fitness training, corporation sponsored athletics, group sports teams, health education, and life improvement classes. They say all employee wellness programs must include prevention of stress related health problems for stress management. Wellness Quotes, brings realization to its clients, offering a free wellness quoting website that keeps your well being in mind. We believe our soul purpose at wellness quotes is to match your company with an employee wellness program or corporate wellness program that fits your business model.

Find A Corporate Wellness Program!

Getting a comprehensive corporate wellness program will help increase the productivity of your employee population, while reducing your health insurance cost at the same time. Corporate wellness planning will be one of the critical success factors for the future of Fortune 500, large, or midsized companies managing health plans. With the cost of health care inflation increasing at a rate of nearly 12% per year it is a must that HR departments and CFO's start implementing wellness programs for their entire employee population.

Best Health And Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness Programs are getting a great deal of attention these days. They are essential for mid to large sized companies (50-50,000 employees). We know that employee wellness programs will reduce health and welfare benefit costs, increase employee productivity, and give your business an essence of overall wellness.

What Is The Definition Of A Wellness Program?

Do you currently understand the definition of wellness? It seems that many groups and individuals are starting to catch the wellness buzz. We now see wellness nearly taking on a Global initiative. We see a great deal of information large news corporations such as CNN talking about wellness. Now more than ever before we hear about wellness in the workplace around the water cooler. Although there is not a universally-accepted definition of wellness we all know that there a large list of common characteristics seen in the wellness industry that define its definition.

Health Risk Assessment With Wellness Programs

Your Health Risk Assessment tools are comprehensive health and wellness technologies that give expert health and wellness recommendations based on easy-to-use interactive questionaires. Your company must assess health risks for each of your employees. This will help your organization decrease overall health benefit expenditures, while increasing employee productivity. Get your HRA today.